Counter Fraud Services alert – Unsolicited Bogus Telephone Calls and BT Openreach Scam

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Staff should be aware of receiving unsolicited calls fraudulently claiming to be from internal NHS departments, BT Technical Support and BT Openreach.

NHSScotland Counter Fraud Services received notification of bogus telephone calls aimed at obtaining personal information about medical staff/employees working in a health boards.

Individuals are known to have called, claiming to be from NHS internal departments, looking to obtain personal details disclosed to them such as staff and patient information.

Additionally, staff members have reported receipt of bogus callers claiming to be BT Technical Support and BT Openreach staff, requesting individuals to perform tasks on their PC and/or divulge information regarding their PC/laptop/devices.

BT Openreach is aware of customers being contacted by individuals fraudulently claiming to be from BT and/or acting on behalf of BT. This type of fraud is an industry-wide issue and BT are actively working to tackle this.

What should I do if I receive a call that I am concerned about?

Should anyone receive these calls, do not engage with the caller and never disclose any personal information.

Be wary of calls or emails you are not expecting and even if someone quotes an account number, you should not trust them with any personal information.

Anyone who receives an unsolicited call should report this to Action Fraud at

Should any NHS Board or Special Health Board identify that they have fallen victim to these unsolicited approaches and the Board has suffered financial loss, please contact Brian Donohoe, Intelligence Manager on 01506 705 209 or via secure CFS email inbox at


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