Stracathro Old Age Psychiatry service praised by Mental Welfare Commission

Angus Health and Social Care Partnership has welcomed the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland’s report on the Rowan and Willow Units at Stracathro Hospital.

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Rowan and Willow Units are old age psychiatry units in The Susan Carnegie Centre at Stracathro Hospital.

Rowan Unit is a mixed-sex unit with 13 beds providing admission, assessment and treatment for older people with functional mental health problems.

Willow Unit is a mixed-sex unit with 12 beds providing admission, assessment and treatment for people with dementia as well as short-term and intermediate care to people with dementia.

The Commission’s positive report was released last week following their visit to the unit in May, where they spoke to members of staff, patients and family members.

The Mental Welfare Commission (MWC) for Scotland’s key role is to protect and promote the human rights of people with mental illness, learning disabilities, dementia and related conditions.

The report stated that patients were positive about the care and the treatment provided in the wards and relatives also spoke highly about the care and treatment they observed on visits to the wards, saying that they felt staff kept them well informed about the care and treatment being provided.

The inspectors observed positive and supportive interactions between staff and individuals in the wards and stated that the files they reviewed were all well-organised and well-maintained.

The report concluded that the physical environment in the wards is good, with all accommodation in both units in single en suite rooms. The inspectors included one recommendation in their report, relating to some repair work in the gardens which needs to be completed. The work will be completed during the coming weeks.

Consultant old age psychiatrist and Associate Medical Director for Older People’s Services Dr Cesar Rodriguez said,  “I am delighted that the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland’s visit was followed by such an extremely positive and reassuring report. This is indeed a true reflection of the high standards of care received by the patients admitted to these specialist units.

“The other specialist dementia ward in Angus, Prosen Unit, obtained an equally positive report from the MWC earlier this year, recognising the good practice in all the Psychiatry of Old Age inpatient areas in Angus.

“The hard work, dedication and professionalism showed by all staff in the units is demonstrated in the report. Without our staff’s commitment, we would not be able to provide such high quality care to the most vulnerable in our communities and they have my most sincere gratitude for the excellent job they do.”


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