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Staff from theatres at Perth Royal Infirmary were thanked for their ongoing commitment to providing high quality patient care and their positive approach to embracing service change at a recent recognition event in the Day Surgery Unit (DSU).

The informal event also marked the relaunch of the DSU, which has recently undergone a number of service improvements to benefit patients.

Day surgery is the planned admission of a surgical patient for an el​ective or semi-elective procedure where the patient is admitted, undergoes surgery and is discharged on the same calendar day.

The unit has now extended its working days and the surgical specialities and procedures which can be accommodated there have been updated. This means that an increased number of patients can be treated for more complex procedures in the DSU.

These changes also support the plan to reduce the number of unnecessary inpatient admissions to elective wards in PRI as patients can instead be appropriately treated in the DSU.

The unit’s new opening times are 7.30am to 8pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The unit remains open on Wednesday for local anaesthetic urology services and plastic surgery.

To further improve patient flow, improvements have also been made to booking and scheduling processes as part of wider theatre optimisation programme.

The service changes to the DSU were implemented earlier this month following engagement with theatre staff and staff side representatives. Further staff engagement will continue on an ongoing basis and the service changes will be regularly monitored to evaluate progress.

Consultant anaesthetist Dr Michael Forster, who is the clinical lead for the DSU, said, “This event has given us the opportunity to say thanks to all the theatre staff for embracing the improvements, challenges and changes to all PRI theatre services.

“We couldn’t carry out these changes without staff input, ideas and enthusiasm. The whole team deserves recognition for their continued work to provide safe patient care every time, for all of the patients.”

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