Theatre Safety 2 Day across NHS Tayside

Concourse information stand

Staff from the anaesthetic department have been out and about in ward areas and theatres across Tayside promoting Theatre Safety 2 Day.

Theatre Safety 2 Day aimed to raise awareness of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist, the Patient Theatre Ticket and the latest patient fasting guidance.

A public information stand was set up on the main concourse at Ninewells to enable members of the public to hear the latest information on the safety developments in the patient’s surgical journey.

Theatre Safety 2 Day trolley.jpg
Visit to theatre suite level 6 at Ninewells

Nurse Director Gillian Costello and non-executives Trudy McLeay and Lorna Birse-Stewart joined staff from the anaesthetic department and theatres at the information stand. They were also invited to join the safety visit to the wards and theatres suite at Ninewells.

Staff also held information events and visited theatre areas and surgical wards at PRI and Stracathro to promote Theatre Safety 2 Day.

Stracathro visit to surgical ward


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