A rosy story for Organ Donation Week

Organ Donation Week has just passed urging people to register and to let people know about their decisions. Through one organ donor, up to seven lives can be changed and many more if tissue is donated. For the people who receive organs it can mean a new chance at life. www.weneedeverybody.org

Sandras rose.png

Sandra is an organ recipient. In 2016, she received a cut rose at the ‘Time to Remember’ memorial, the annual service hosted by NHS Tayside’s Organ Donation Committee to pay tribute to all those who have donated organs. For Sandra, this rose holds a special value because the rose is still alive and growing.

Sandra said “I took the rose home and put it in water like I always do, to keep it alive a little bit longer. The flower shriveled, but the stem grew new green leaves. I planted it in a pot of earth, and it is still growing.

“The rose I received at the ceremony last year didn’t survive, even though I did the exact same thing, and the one I got this year in May I still have, but it’s not looking too healthy.

“I would love to see my rose grow into a bush and flower.”

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