REACH – New service for young people in Perth & Kinross

REACH is a new multi-disciplinary service for young people aged 12-18 in Perth & Kinross who are on the edge of care.

The service will bring together a team of dedicated professionals to provide individualised support to help young people to stay within their families, schools and communities to prevent the need to move into care.  The long term aim is to enable them to flourish as resilient and resourceful young adults.

REACH has come about as a result of a review to remodel residential care for young people.  A new holistic approach through a multi-disciplinary team will support young people who may be vulnerable because of their life circumstance, family difficulties and/or are engaging in high risk behaviours.

By helping young people to stay with their families, schools and communities the service aims to improve the outcomes and opportunities for those young people.  This will also reduce the reliance on costly external care placements.

The service will integrate care and outreach support and provide intensive, coordinated and flexible support to young people and their families within their own homes and communities.

REACH will be launched formally in January 2019.

Click here for further information or contact REACH manager Ger McKendrick on 01738 474590 or


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