NHS Tayside introduces New Medical Image Management system

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NHS Tayside’s clinical photography service has introduced a new Medical Image Management system which will allow clinicians faster access to patient images.

NHS Tayside provides a high quality clinical photography service which records detailed and accurate images to assist clinicians in diagnosis and monitoring of patient conditions, disease and progress. With specific consent, these photographs can also be used for teaching, publication, patient information and research purposes.

The new WABA Medical Image Manager (MIM) is a purpose built database solution that allows healthcare professionals access to medical photographs at workstations in their clinic or ward, through Staffnet.

The system enables access to images in the relevant place, at the relevant time to support patient care. WABA MIM will allow images to be shared across all NHS Tayside sites, allowing a consultant from one department to obtain specialist opinion from anywhere in Tayside.

Lead clinical photographer Andrew Coon said, “The introduction of the new Medical Image Management system is fantastic news for clinical photography and users of our service. We can now provide clinicians with safer, faster, electronic access to their patient photographs.

“This new system ensures that the clinical photography service is playing an integral part in the exciting advancements in technology that are improving patient care. It also provides the required platform for future 3D photography and further potential advancements in technology.”

The system makes it easier to catalogue and store images, improving clinical governance and eliminating costs of duplication. All clinical photography will be archived centrally, improving retrieval and security.

Additional information can be found on the Clinical Photography Staffnet site by following the path Our Websites | Clinical Photography and Video | Medical Image Management System.

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