TQuIP – Tayside’s Quality Improvement Programme open for applications

TQuIP logo.jpgApplications for cohorts 2 and 3 are now open until Friday, 14 September 2018

This Executively-led programme is designed to support staff in Tayside to work with their colleagues to coalesce around an improvement challenge being experienced in their Service.

This is a practitioner level programme and all applicants should therefore have foundation level knowledge of improvement prior to commencing the programme such as completion of relevant e-learning modules and / or experience of quality improvement work.

This programme is available free to all participants and will draw on a range of theories and techniques to inform how we support services, teams and individuals through a journey of learning and improvement.

The programme aims to support participants to achieve the following:

  • Develop an understanding of workplace cultures and climates and how these can be positively influenced
  • Understand evaluation processes within the current system and the problems and or opportunities for improvement which exist locally
  • Design changes to deliver desired improvement, clearly identifying the theory of change
  • Facilitate change in practice with a focus on testing
  • Determine whether change led to an improvement and if so what was it about the change that resulted in an improvement and repeat cycles of testing in light of that understanding
  • Embed and sustain successful change
  • Spread the learning beyond the area of initial focus

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