NHS Tayside early adopter of new type 2 diabetes framework

A Healthier Future – Framework for the Prevention, Early Detec

NHS Tayside is one of the health boards at the forefront of implementing the Scottish Government’s new type 2 diabetes framework.

As one of the early adopter NHS Boards, NHS Tayside will redesign and co-produce services appropriate for those at risk of or diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in line with the guidance set out in ‘A Healthier Future – Framework for the Prevention, Early Detection and Early Intervention of type 2 diabetes’.

The framework forms part of the aims set out in ‘A Healthier Future: Diet and Healthy Weight Delivery Plan’ to give people fair access to suitable and effective weight management services, which enable more people in Scotland to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The plan focuses on prevention and early intervention to ensure there is quality provision and equity of access right across our communities in Scotland and for those most vulnerable to health inequalities.

NHS Tayside Director of Public Health Dr Drew Walker, Chief Officer for Dundee HSCP David Lynch, and Chief Executive of Dundee City Council David Martin have welcomed the new Scottish Government weight management framework for people with type 2 diabetes. 

“Type 2 diabetes is a unique and complex disease affecting more than 20,000 people in Tayside. NHS Tayside is facing a type 2 diabetes crisis with a 50% increase in the past 10 years and a strong association with obesity.

“We are fully committed to leading local actions such as the Early Adopter programme and working in partnership, where the promised funding will boost efforts to provide comprehensive weight management support for people with type 2 diabetes.

“As local public health leaders, we look forward to working with the Scottish Government and all our partners to continue to develop and implement the new framework.”


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