Sexual health modules at Edinburgh Napier University

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Edinburgh Napier University has two sexual health modules beginning in September.

Graduate Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health- 72229GC

This programme has been designed to be flexible and is delivered as a mixture of face to face contact and distance learning. You will complete two compulsory 20 credit modules and two 10 credit modules that best suit your practice needs.

Who can take this module?

This course will be suitable for registered nurses and midwives within primary care, secondary care and the voluntary sector that work in the field of sexual and reproductive health or have a desire to.

What attendance is required?

The programme is typically offered over one year but there are also more flexible options of study with a staggered approach to the modules if you prefer. The next course commences September 2018.

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Reproductive Theory for Practice (NMS09161)

This is a standalone module (but can also be taken as part of our Graduate Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health, see overleaf for details) which is delivered as blended learning, with face to face content delivery by specialists and up to date material available online.

What attendance is required?

There are five days of face to face content delivery with the rest of the module being delivered online. All contact days will run on a Wednesday and will be at the Sighthill Campus, Calder Road, Edinburgh, EH11 4BN

What does the module cover?

On this module practitioners will:

  • Demonstrate application of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the full range of contraceptive methods including contraception for specific groups based on current guidance and evidence.
  • Examine the impact of unplanned pregnancy, how this could be prevented and options available including discussion of methods of Termination of Pregnancy.
  • Critically analyse what influences women’s reproductive health choices and how we can help to facilitate informed choice.
  • Demonstrate the ability to complete a comprehensive reproductive health consultation using specialist communication skills, ensuring a patient-centred and evidence-based approach to care.

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