Vision to transform healthcare in Tayside

The Board of NHS Tayside has outlined its vision to transform how healthcare is delivered in Tayside in the coming years.

The Transforming Tayside plan, which describes why services must change and sets out a clear direction of travel, was welcomed by Board members.

The Board paper can be found on the Transforming Tayside page on Staffnet.

Transforming Tayside 4 high resChairman John Brown said, “This paper sets the scene for the future of healthcare across Tayside, but it really is just the beginning of a journey for all of us. It sets out a clear direction of travel about how our clinicians are leading this whole-system transformation, not only for the people of Tayside, but alongside them.

“It’s really important to us that our staff, patients, public and our partners in healthcare are fully involved even from this early stage in our planning. We are already sharing our initial thoughts on what we want to achieve with key people in our communities and we will build on this by ensuring the public and our staff are fully involved throughout the whole programme.”

Chief Executive Malcolm Wright added, “It is clear that how we deliver health services must change and the challenge for us is to deliver change which is truly transformational, and which is also high-quality, safe and sustainable.

“The vision described today will support all our work going forward and it is our intention that we will have a fully worked-up blueprint of future services across Tayside by the end of 2018.”

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