Scottish Health Awards now open for nominations

The Scottish Health Awards launched on 18 June and are now open for nominations for the next 10 weeks. Nominations can be made via the Scottish Health Awards website.


Maybe you or one of your colleagues was nominated for or won an NHS Tayside STAR Award this year – why not also nominate them in these awards and celebrate all the talent we have in Tayside?



There are 17 Award Categories that staff and the public can nominate in:

  • Support Worker Award
  • Care for Mental Health Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Integrated Care for Older People Award
  • Volunteers Award
  • Healthier Lifestyle Award
  • Optometrist Award
  • Leader of the Year Award
  • Midwife Award
  • Dentist Award
  • Therapist Award
  • Nurse Award
  • Care for Long-Term Illness Award
  • Doctor Award
  • Young Achiever Award
  • Top Team Award
  • Unsung Hero Award

Get nominating!


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