Changes to Datix – Going Live

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The Clinical Governance and Risk Management Team escalated issues identified with the use of the Datix system to NHS Tayside’s Datix Steering and Development Group. The issues were in relation to the fields ‘subcategory’ and ‘drug involved in adverse event’.

The fields that were selected for use for ‘subcategory’ and ‘drug involved in the adverse event’ when the Datix system was implemented in NHS Tayside in September 2012 were incorrect. Datix National Support have instructed that NHS Tayside rectify this problem as soon as possible as it causes inaccuracies in data analysis and will cause further problems in future. This has now been authorised for change by the NHS Tayside Datix Steering and Development Group.

These changes will have minimal affect on users of the Datix system that are reporting and verifying records, other than when reporting an event the user will now only be able to choose a single subcategory rather than multiple subcategories.

A change of this nature will affect users that utilise the data extraction, queries and reports functions of the Datix system. The Datix Team will attempt to rectify as many queries and reports in the system however, there will be queries and reports set by users in their own accounts which this will affect and as Datix allows personalised queries, administrators will not be able to make changes to these without the user’s permission. Therefore, if you have any issues with queries or reports that include either of these fields and would like some help to rectify this, please contact and a member of the team will work with you to bring these in line with the change.

The Clinical Governance & Risk Management Team is here to listen to and to support you. We aim to learn from, and use what you tell us to improve our services. If you have a suggestion as to how the Datix system can improve please drop us an email at

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