Calling Little Scribblers in Angus!

NHS Tayside’s Occupational Therapy team has announced a series of further workshops in Angus to help develop pre-writing skills.

The fun packed ‘Little Scribblers’ workshops, which have been running since June 2017, are aimed at children aged 3-5 years and include ideas on how to develop hand and finger strength, tips on how to support pencil grasp and pre-writing ideas to try at home.

Occupational therapist Fiona Loudoun said, “Little Scribblers is going from strength to strength and is getting really popular so we have set dates for the next few months in different locations across Angus.

“The sessions are an hour long and have different stations for parents and their children to work at, focusing on the key skills that children need to develop their pre-writing skills.

“We hope that parents and carers gain a better understanding of activities and games that they can do together at home that will help handwriting development.”

SIDE Calling Little Scribblers in Angus!.jpg

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