Use of Dyson fans

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Health Protection Scotland has issued advice on the use of Dyson fans in healthcare facilities.

Until investigation and review of fans is complete, led by IRIC, the current advice is that Dyson fans are not recommended for use at this time in healthcare facilities as they were not intended for healthcare use by Dyson.

National Procurement continues to put a hold on any new purchases and in clinical areas where these fans were purchased they should be withdrawn from use and stored until the review is complete.

This review will be extended to cover the use of fans within the clinical area. In the interim, when patient safety outweighs the risk of not using a fan, a clinical risk assessment should be applied and fans should not be used in clinical settings where there is a risk of airborne transmission of any known or suspected pathogens (for example, Norovirus) or increased patient risk (for example, Burns Unit).

Fans must be able to be decontaminated as outlined in Appendix 7 of NICPM

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