Changes to Datix System

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The Clinical Governance & Risk Management Team has made changes to Datix following feedback from staff.

You said: The contact details section which captures information regarding the person affected and others involved now appears in the main body of the Datix form, close to the bottom. There has been some demand to move the section further up the form, at the beginning so users can approve the contact immediately on opening the form and then move on to sense checking the detail and verifying the record.

We did: The contacts section will be moved further up the form so users see person affected detail on opening the record. This change will take place on Friday 25 May 2018.

You said: There has been demand from users to change the recurrence risk assessment fields (likelihood of recurrence and consequence) which Datix uses to determine the grade of the event. Datix can display a matrix rather than the current drop down options currently used for this purpose. The user would make their choice from the matrix by selecting two radio buttons and Datix will automatically determine the grade.

We did: The Clinical Governance & Risk Management Team will reconfigure the system to install the matrix on Friday 25 May 2018. The team will evaluate preference at a later stage when users have used the matrix for a suitable length of time.

The Clinical Governance & Risk Management Team is here to listen and support you. The team aims to learn from, and use what you tell them to improve services. If you have a suggestion as to how the Datix system can improve please drop an email to

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