Board of Trustees of Tayside Endowment Fund meet at Ninewells Hospital

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The Board of Trustees of Tayside NHS Board Endowment Fund met yesterday (Tuesday, May 22) and approved a number of actions and funding proposals.

The Board members considered a number of papers at the meeting in Ninewells Hospital, including the Terms of Reference for the Endowment Advisory Group and Board of Trustees.

Members agreed with proposals to update the Terms of Reference, which has been revised to ensure that funding cannot be retrospectively approved for projects which were previously being funded through exchequer funding.

The Board of Trustees also approved a review being commissioned into the governance framework of the Endowment Fund. The scope of the review will include conforming to OSCR guidance and the 2013 NHSS guidance and recommendations. It will also look at the need for changes to the Code of Corporate Governance and the implementation of any audit recommendations concerning governance.

Changes to the scope of the Endowment Fund External Audit for 2017/18 as requested by Paul Gray, Chief Executive of NHS Scotland, were also approved by the Board of Trustees.

Speaking after the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Trustees John Brown said, “This was a very productive meeting where Trustees agreed a number of important actions.

“As Board Trustees of this fund, it is very important that we are transparent so the public and our staff can be reassured and see exactly what their donations are being used for.

“Our Board of Trustees’ meetings are in public and I would encourage anyone to come along and see how donations and other funds are used and what a difference they are making to health and care here in Tayside.”

During the meeting, the Trustees considered and approved two funding proposals, one for almost £90,000 to support research into a hormone disorder and a £50,000 contribution for ultrasound equipment in the Clinical Research Centre at the University of Dundee.

Trustees heard an update on the work of the Community Innovation Fund, which is financed through Tayside Health Fund. The fund helps community groups to develop local improvement projects that will benefit the health and wellbeing of their local population.

An update was provided on the education and training endowment fund, which is used to help staff develop skills outwith their core technical skills necessary for the effective care of patients.

All Board papers can be viewed on NHS Tayside’s website

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