Montrose mystery over marble bust

10-05-18 Montrose mystery over marble bust

A double mystery surrounds a marble bust which has been on display at Montrose Infirmary for many years.

Can you help identify the woman depicted in the sculpture or do you know who originally donated the bust?

The subject of the marble bust was thought to be Montrose philanthropist Susan Carnegie, who died in 1821, however, following an examination by experts, it was discovered that the identity of the young lady cannot be confirmed.

Gail Smith of Angus Health & Social Care Partnership said, “We arranged to have the bust examined and valued by Taylors Auction Rooms in Montrose and they have advised that they cannot confirm that the bust is of Susan Carnegie.

“The subject is a young woman but we don’t know her identity. The bust was made around 1890 by an Italian sculptor called Arce Pisane, probably in Florence.

“I have been trying to find out who originally donated the bust to the infirmary many years ago but nobody seems to have any record of it. We are now going to speak to local museums to see if they would like to display the bust as it is a beautiful piece of art and it would be lovely for the people of Angus to be able to enjoy it.”

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