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MAIN Leadership and management development opportunities - Leadership and management pilot
Team leaders undertaking the pilot activity

The Human Resources and Organisational Development Directorate has announced details of two development opportunities in leadership and management.

A new pilot activity has been created to support individuals new to, or developing their leadership and management skills in support of service delivery.

It will be aimed initially at team leaders (AfC bands 6 and below) before extending to include middle managers (AfC band 7 and above).

A package of materials has been developed which cover a wide range of topics drawn from the National Occupational Standards for Leadership & Management.  It is to be a year-long development journey involving attendance at short training sessions and completion of learnPro modules, workbooks and reflective logs.

The team leader level was launched in April and a number of participants have begun testing the materials and activities.

The third cohort of the ILM level 3 programme

The third cohort of the ILM level 3 certificate in Leadership & Management has now been launched.

This programme enables line managers to be effective and confident, have better relationships and communicate more effectively in their teams, and gives them the tools to develop their own skills and abilities.

It includes classroom session followed by assignment on each topic and staff gain a recognised qualification in leadership and management.

Twenty staff successfully completed the second cohort of the programme in 2017.

For more information please contact leadership & management advisor Nicola Ferguson on 01382 740063, x40063 or email nogilvie@nhs.net

Jennifer Kinnear, Gary Finlayson and Karen Archibald, who completed the second cohort of the ILM level 3 programme

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