‘Breathing and Singing’ with the Breathe Easy Perthshire Group

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Members of the Breathe Easy Perthshire Group shared their singing talents at a musicality event in the recently refurbished Perth Theatre.

The celebration event was the culmination of a Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust’s (THAT) musicality programme commissioned by the Breathe Easy Perthshire Group. The event was the first community-based programme held at the new Space One theatre.

Singing coach Debra Salem worked with the participants during the eight-session programme to develop their breathing techniques, while exploring creativity and building peer support through group singing in a fun and enjoyable way.

Debra said, “This group has really grown together in confidence and it has been great to see. We have focused very specifically on building breathing technique and stamina through our warm up exercises and short songs.  We have also worked hard on complex harmonies and arrangements for the longer pieces, getting to know each other through music whilst having great fun.

“They have been a wonderful group of people to work with and we have all really enjoyed this opportunity.”

Chair of the Breathe Easy Perthshire group, Moira Karpuschewski, said “Although many of us weren’t very confident about singing, including me, we have discovered how good it is for our breathing but also for our mood and friendships.  Singing together is just so enjoyable.”

THAT project coordinator Chris Kelly said, “It’s been brilliant, we have managed to recruit people who have never been involved with the Breathe Easy group or any of our programmes before and they have made new connections and gained so much confidence through singing. Being able to meet and work in the new Perth Theatre is an added bonus, which has only been possible with the support of Horsecross Arts.”

THAT promotes the therapeutic value of arts-based programmes to enhance quality of life, to promote social inclusion and to empower the individual to make an important contribution to their health and wellbeing.

For more information about the programme contact Chris Kelly on 01382 835509.

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