Out and about with the Chief Executive

Chief Executive Malcolm Wright has been continuing his visits to services and sites and this week has attended an 8am safety and flow huddle at Ninewells and has visited the laundry and CSSD.

Malcolm was very interested to see the safety and flow huddle in action and was impressed with the slick process and the focus on patient safety.

Head of Production Billy Alexander then took Malcolm and Lorna Wiggin, Chief Operating Officer to the laundry and CSSD services in Ninewells to meet staff and hear about how those services deliver excellence for NHS Tayside and beyond.

Malcolm said, “It’s been great to visit these operational areas and meet staff. I’m always interested to see for myself how services work and to hear from the people delivering services.”


Malcolm huddle.jpg
8am safety and flow huddle at Ninewells
huddle screen.jpg
8am safety and flow huddle at Ninewells
Malcolm laundry.jpg
Malcolm meets laundry staff
Malcolm laundry 2.jpg
Chatting with staff in the laundry
CSSD in action
Hearing about how CSSD works
Meeting staff in CSSD with Billy Alexander

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