Urine Collection Systems – Change of Sample Type

Vacutainer transfer – important information for staff

Following on from a meeting with the GP sub discussion on 12 February 2018, it is proposed that the NHS Tayside transfer to the BD Urine Tube/and Transfer Straw goes ahead from 16 April 2018. This is a three-month transition process to move over to the BD Urine tubes, and will involve ALL users across Tayside, including care homes. Both white topped urine bottles and vacutainers acceptable during the transition period and white urine bottles won’t be discarded, unless they have leaked.

From then Blood Sciences will transition to BD Vacutainer Urinalysis tubes across the hospital, GP, care home and Nurse Practitioner network.

The only tests involved are those submitted in Universal containers, listed below;

  • Albumin/creatinine ratio (ACR)
  • Protein/creatinine ratio (PCR)
  • Bence Jones protein
  • Urinary osmolality
  • Urinary electrolytes

The advantages of these tubes include a reduction in rejected specimens due to sample leakage in transit and a significantly reduced turn-around time for your results, as these tubes can be placed directly onto the highly automated laboratory track system. The removal of the need to transfer the sample into a secondary tube within the lab also prevents the risk of possible errors in process.


Supplies have updated the GP Practice ordering sheet – now in use


NHS Tayside Lab Contact Person/Telephone number:

Ann Markie on 01382 660111 Ext 32659 or email amarkie@nhs.net

Ann Markie is currently sending out starter packs with a letter and supporting information on how to order further vacutainers. Blood Sciences will contact care homes as well as secondary care and supply them.


Lorna Methven from BD is currently running local sessions for staff across NHS Tayside, if contacted she will arrange visits.

Please can you contact her on: 07899 662783 or email lorna_methven@europe.bd.com to arrange training.

The aim of these sessions will be to provide staff with the under-pinning knowledge on the safe use of this product, the opportunity to handle the equipment and to ask any questions. Staff attending will then be able to go back into the workplace and disseminate this information to colleagues.

These sessions are open to ALL staff who currently takes samples for urinalysis testing. Please attend one of the sessions listed that suit you best.

All we require is 15 minutes of your time to deliver training in your practice/location, to best suit yourselves.


Changes have been made to ICE so that the sample type for the affected tests will be advised. The ICE label should be attached to the collection tube as usual.

This will provide an improved, safer and faster service as demonstrated at trials undertaken in NHS Tayside in 2017

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