New leadership team in NHS Tayside

The new leadership team at NHS Tayside, Chairman John Brown and Chief Executive Malcolm Wright, met with Board members, senior staff, clinicians and staff side colleagues for the first time this week, and were joined by the Health Secretary and colleagues from the Scottish Government for staff meetings.

Mr Brown and Mr Wright were keen to meet with colleagues immediately to build on the good work which has already been put in train over the past 12 months by health and social care professionals from across Tayside, and start developing plans which will return NHS Tayside to financial balance.

MAIN New leadership team in NHS Tayside - John Brown.png
Chairman John Brown

“NHS Tayside has an excellent reputation of delivering quality care and treatment for patients across the region,” said Mr Brown.

“High quality patient care remains a primary focus for the Board and we will continue to work to maintain the high standards that have been a mainstay of Tayside’s good clinical performance in recent years.

“NHS Tayside is facing a number of challenges, however, having met senior clinicians and senior managers, I know that the healthcare professionals here are totally committed to leading service redesign and ensuring patients continue to receive safe and effective, high-quality care.

“I am looking forward to meeting staff from all parts of NHS Tayside over the coming months, including those working in Health and Social Care Partnerships.”

MAIN New leadership team in NHS Tayside - Malcolm Wright
Chief Executive Malcolm Wright

Mr Wright added, “This first day was about conversations with staff here in Tayside and that is exactly what we want to continue over the coming weeks and months.

“Our starting point is we have superb staff and that is a great foundation for us to build on. We will be engaging with all our staff, especially with our clinicians, as we know that they will be front and centre of the transformation we will be taking forward here in Tayside. Clinical leadership and clinical engagement will be critical to success and we are committed to making a big difference as we move forward.

“We will be developing plans, in partnership with our staff, which are realistic and achievable and then we will engage widely on them with our stakeholders. These co-produced plans must inspire confidence in our public, in our staff and also in Scottish Government that we are going to deliver what is needed.

“It’s an honour to be asked to lead NHS Tayside and I look forward to getting out and meeting teams from across the region, in hospitals and communities, to ensure the thousands of people who use our services every day keep receiving the best possible care.”

NHS Tayside Employee Director Judith Golden said, “Staffside colleagues welcomed this early meeting with the Chairman and Chief Executive and look forward to meeting again with a wider number of staff later this week to progress how we will continue to work in partnership.”

Health Secretary Ms Robison said, “I believe the Chair and Chief Executive have the right skills and the right experience, and will bring the necessary skillset to the job in NHS Tayside.

“I have confidence they will be able to make a difference in making sure NHS Tayside gets back on track, that public confidence is restored and there is no impact on patient services, which out of everything is the most important thing here.”

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