Tayside Queen’s Nurse visits Buckingham Palace

30-03-18-tayside-queens-nurse-visits-buckingham-palace1.jpgLesley Paterson, a professional and practice development nurse with NHS Tayside, attended an evening reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the nursing profession.

Lesley was awarded the prestigious title of Queen’s Nurse earlier this year, one of twenty nurses receiving this honour for the first time in Scotland for almost 50 years. Lesley, who works in the Nursing and Midwifery Directorate, can now use the Queen’s Nurse title which dates back to the late 19th century.

Following this honour, Lesley was invited as one of 300 nurses to attend an evening reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the nursing profession. The reception was hosted by the Prince of Wales and Countess of Wessex, on behalf of The Queen.

Lesley said, “I was extremely surprised and a little bewildered to receive an invitation to attend a reception to be given at Buckingham Palace. It was an amazing experience and something I will never forget.

“In his speech, the Prince thanked nurses for their work on behalf of the nation and celebrated nurses’ contribution to healthcare. He said the event had been called to pay very special tribute to nurses who had made an exceptional contribution in their varying fields. He also joked about 1948 being a “good vintage” – the year he was born and the year the NHS was created.

“I was honoured and privileged to attend the reception and proud to represent the hard working, dedicated nursing profession in NHS Tayside who come to work each day to do their best for patients in hospital and the community.”

Gillian Costello, Nurse Director with NHS Tayside said, “I am delighted Lesley’s commitment has been recognised through her award of Queen’s Nurse. Her achievements are inspiring and our new Queen’s Nurse is a positive role model for us all.”

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