NHS Tayside midwives deliver success in national awards

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l-r RCM Director for Midwifery Louise Silverton, Iona Duckett, Michelle Carter, RCM Chief Executive Gill Walton TV presenter Charlotte Hawkins

Midwives from the Angus Midwifery Team have won two awards at the prestigious Royal College of Midwives Annual Awards, held in London.

Iona Duckett and the Angus Midwifery Team were awarded the top prize in the category Policy into Practice for their project ‘Introducing a caseload midwife’.

The award recognises an outstanding, innovative project where creative thinking, sound research methodology and effective teamwork have combined to achieve real improvement in practice.

Iona said, “It means so much to us to be recognised for our hard work and dedication to realising continuity and choice for women in Angus. But most importantly it is the first award we have won as ‘Team Angus’ and demonstrates the distance we have come in merging three teams into a successful, positive and dynamic maternity service of which we are very proud.”

Angus midwife Michelle Carter was selected as Scottish Midwife of the Year having been nominated by a local mum for giving care that made a significant difference to them.

Speaking about her award, Michelle said, “I was completely overwhelmed by my award! My reward is being able to be there for families and helping to make an enjoyable experience for them. I have worked with and continue to work with a great team of midwives who all do a fantastic job!”

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