NHS Tayside promotes raising awareness of prostate cancer

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(l to r) Elaine Ross (Active Living Development Manager), Simon Brady (Macmillan Development Officer), Linda Campbell, Ann Graham and Rebeka Campbell (all Prostate Cancer UK Volunteers), Jim Gorman (Health Shop Volunteer) and Kathleen Feeney (Prostate Cancer UK Volunteer Engagement Lead)

NHS Tayside hosted Walk and Talk events at Ninewells Hospital for staff and the public to help raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Health Shop Manager Jodi Moodie helped organise Walk and Talk events at the hospital to promote prostate cancer awareness.

Prostate Cancer is now the third biggest cancer killer and can affect 1 in 8 men. The Walk and Talk events were organised in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK and Dundee Leisure and Culture with the aim of making the awareness participatory rather than just information.

The Walk event was arranged with staff from Dundee Leisure and Culture who also co-ordinate the Move More (Macmillan) and Steps To Health projects in Dundee. The walk which took place around the Ninewells site was led by walk leaders from the Move More Project and was about 1.4 miles. The route covered Thurso Crescent, the Green Circular route by the Technology Park, along by the Maggie’s Centre and finally into Ninewells Community Garden.

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A nice bright breezy day for a walk!

Jodi explained, “Walking has been proven to be beneficial for people recovering from cancer and is a good form of activity that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle for cancer prevention.

“The walk lasted about 40mins and water and fruit were provided at the end of the route.  There were 20 people on the walk including staff, volunteers and members of the public as well as those who had experience of prostate cancer.

“The walk was an opportunity for people to have a chat with others who may have been affected by prostate cancer directly or indirectly such as a family member or friend.”

The Talk was a short presentation provided by Prostate Cancer UK volunteers one of whom was a retired oncology nurse. There were three sessions offered which were well attended by staff from NHS Tayside, Dundee City Council and members of the public. These sessions highlighted the importance of recognising symptoms of prostate cancer and being aware of the risk as well as providing an important opportunity for people to ask questions that they may have about prostate cancer or prostate problems.

In addition there were information stands at Ninewells hosted Prostate Cancer UK and the Health Shop to support both these activities as well as provide a wide range of useful health information and practical advice on prostate cancer.

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Information on prostate cancer and cancer prevention is available at the Health Shops and our smaller health information points all year round including PRI, Links Health Centre in Montrose and Whitehills Health and Community Care Centre at Forfar.

It is hoped to offer similar events in the Perth and Angus areas in the coming months involving other walk groups in those localities –  more information will be available on  http://www.facebook.com/NHSTaysideHealthShop/

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