Putting Caring Conversations into Practice

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A free interactive learning resource has launched with the aim of introducing Caring Conversations, a key tool in delivering person-centred care, into secondary care settings in Scotland.

Funded by the Scottish Government and developed by Scottish charity Waverley Care, Putting Caring Conversations into Practice is available to all staff working in secondary care.

The resource aims to break down barriers than can exist between patients and healthcare professionals, encouraging open and honest conversations which achieve positive outcomes for both parties.

Using an evidence-informed model, real-life case studies and a mix of film and interactive content, Caring Conversations is an engaging and educational online tutorial.

  • FREE online tutorial lasting approx 1 hour
  • Developed from evidence informed research by Prof Belinda Dewar (UWS)
  • Individual and group learning options
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Continuing Professional Development certificate

Caring Conversations is available now online. Visit www.CaringConversations.scot to get started.


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