Excellence in Care launches at PRI

The latest launch event for the Excellence in Care (EIC) programme will be taking place on Friday, 9 March 2018 in the Parent Education Room, Community Midwifery Unit at PRI.

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It will follow the same format as previous launches with Nurse Director Gillian Costello opening the event at 1.30pm.

Here is the programme for the PRI event:

1.30-2pm: Welcome from Nurse Director which will include an overview of national programme and local activities

2-3.30pm: Drop-in for staff to browse story boards, ask questions and share feedback

Project Lead Audrey Fleming will also be available to chat to staff and answer any questions about the programme.

More about EIC

EIC is a national programme to equip NHS Boards, nurse leaders and service users with a mechanism for measuring and improving the impact of nursing and midwifery care.

In Tayside, EIC offers an opportunity for nurses and midwives to increase their understanding of the quality of the care they provide, celebrate good practice and highlight areas for improvement within their own sphere of influence.

The programme pulls together what nurses and midwives consider ‘business as usual’ and aspects of care that are important to them and patients, providing assurance to staff that the care they provide is safe, effective and person centred.

EIC also allows nurses and midwives to showcase and celebrate the excellent care they provide and demonstrate their unique role and impact within healthcare provision.

EIC will evidence the contribution of nurses and midwifes in achieving safe, effective, person centred care and will be a means for driving continuous quality improvement in NHS Scotland.

The EIC programme will be implemented in Tayside following the launch events with work continuing up until at least March 2019.

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