Workshops to raise awareness of PREVENT

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A series of workshops will be held at Ninewells to raise awareness of counter terrorism.

PREVENT is part of the UK’s counter terrorism strategy, preventing people from becoming involved in terrorism or supporting terrorism.

NHS staff are integral to PREVENT’S success because they already have the skills and support to hand that can recognise when someone may be becoming involved in or supporting terrorism.

This workshop runs for one hour and 30 minutes and will help you to:

  • understand PREVENT’S aims
  • think about who may be vulnerable to terrorism
  • see why some people are able to influence and manipulate others to commit crimes
  • recognise when a vulnerable individual may be in need of your help
  • be clear on what help and support looks like in this area
  • who you should turn to if you have any concerns

Workshops will run in the Improvement Academy at Ninewells on the following dates:

9.30 – 11am Tuesday, 13 March, Room B, Improvement Academy

1.30 – 3pm Tuesday, 24 April, Room C, Improvement Academy

1.30 – 3pm Thursday, 28 June, Room B, Improvement Academy

9.30 – 11am Tuesday, 7 August, Room C, Improvement Academy

9.30 – 11am Tuesday, 2 October, Room C, Improvement Academy

9.30 – 11am Tuesday, 4 December, Room C, Improvement Academy

Before attending this course you will need to complete the learnPro module Prevent Awareness.

To book a place please contact

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