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The Scottish Government’s ambitious plans to create a new Scottish Trauma Network are progressing and Ninewells Hospital will have a vital role in delivering this new service.

The new Scottish Trauma Network will consist of four centres across Scotland – in Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The centres at Ninewells Hospital, Edinburgh Royal, Aberdeen Royal and Southern General in Glasgow will create a trauma network where the most seriously injured patients will receive the best specialist treatment and rehabilitation.

Since the announcement that Ninewells will be part of the network, plans have been developed and work is progressing which will see the new service at Ninewells being operational by the end of October 2018.

MAIN NHS Tayside & North East Fife Major Trauma Centre (3)What is the Scottish Major Trauma Network?

The network is based around four major trauma centres in Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh – with a view to benefiting around 6000 of Scotland’s seriously injured patients each year.

The centres will host dedicated trauma services, including rehabilitation support, to help patients with significant injuries recover more quickly. The Scottish Ambulance Service and existing trauma services across Scotland will also have a vital role in delivering enhanced trauma care. All these services will, together, create the Scottish Trauma Network.

The Scottish Government announced that additional funding has been allocated over the next five years to provide a dedicated Major Trauma service, inpatient unit and qualified staff to provide specialist care.

How are we involved?

Ninewells Hospital is home to one of the major trauma centres which will be a critical part of the network. There is already extensive experience in dealing with major trauma at Ninewells and Tayside clinicians have pioneered patient pathways to improve outcomes for trauma patients.

All trauma patients from across Tayside come directly to Ninewells Hospital and have done so for the past 20 years or so and the hospital team is one of the most experienced in the country.

The Tayside Trauma Team, includes a consultant and specialist nurse and delivers pre-hospital critical care from Ninewells Emergency Department.

They attend road traffic collisions and industrial or agricultural incidents so treatment is provided as close to the time of injury as possible. This existing arrangement compliments the expert care delivered by the Scottish Ambulance Service improving outcomes for trauma patients.

What difference will it make to be part of the Scottish Major Trauma Network?

For Eastern Region staff, it will mean a new major trauma service ensuring many different specialities work together to ensure the best outcomes for the patient.

This new, multi-disciplinary approach will mean the patient journey is coordinated from the point of admission to discharge, ensuring the patient is taken to the right place as quickly as possible. Each trauma patient will be under the care of a dedicated major trauma consultant who will work jointly with the Trauma Nurse Coordinator throughout the entire patient journey.

It is estimated that this approach could improve care and outcomes for 2000 potential major trauma patients and 4000 severely injured patients each year.

Rehabilitation will be an integral part of the trauma pathway and the new network will see rehabilitation feature much earlier in the patient’s journey with an ongoing focus on functional outcomes and getting the patient back to as normal a life as quickly possible.

What about staff?

The new Trauma Service will be operational by the end of October 2018. Staff will have the opportunity to work as part of the new network, including opportunities to develop additional skills and the advanced training available to become a member of the Eastern Region Major Trauma Team.

Staff briefing sessions are being arranged, in April 2018, to share the plans for the future and opportunities to work within this exciting new service. Further details will be issued shortly.

A Trauma Network Newsletter is planned which will share updates and developments within the service.

If you would like further information please contact the Project Manager Jill Beattie by emailing jbeattie1@nhs.net

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