Estates division fault reporting process

Log book.jpgIf you have been issued with a Repair Request Log Book by NHS Tayside’s Estates Division, it should be kept visibly accessible at the Nurses station (or equivalent reception area) to allow the maintenance team to record the date of when your job was actioned and status of the work. Within the Log Book, you will find a Fault Reporting Flowchart, for your area, with details of expected response times and contact details for ‘chasing up’ outstanding jobs.

Important points:

  • All faults reported must be recorded in this logbook to promote communication between colleagues and Estates Division Staff.
  • Please consult this logbook before reporting a fault – a colleague may already have reported the fault.
  • Please ensure the logbook is always kept within the Ward/Department logbook holder – Estates Division Staff can only update the logbook if available.
  • Log books must be retained for a period of 3 calendar years from date of last logged call in Log Book.
  • It’s vital that details of all calls are recorded in the Repair Request Log Book and note the reference number that the Fault line/receptionist will give you.


Check it out

£460 donated to ophthalmology department at Ninewells

Mr Christie donated £460 to the department in memory of his wife who was treated there for glaucoma. The money was raised by Mr Christie’s generous family and friends at his wife’s funeral service.

Mr Christie said, “One of her fears was that she would go blind. Her vision wasn’t good she but she was still able to do most things herself. My family and I would like the money to be used for funding educational events about glaucoma.”

Accepting the donation, consultant ophthalmologist Caroline Cobb said, “Thank you so much to Mr Christie and his family for their amazing donation. This will help improve staff training.”

Check it out - opthamology
Mr Christie with consultant ophthalmologist Caroline Cobb and staff from the ophthalmology department.


Dominos club raises money in memory of friend

A Dundee domino team held a fundraiser to raise money for ward 26 at Ninewells Hospital in memory of their friend, Paul Gowans.

The Hawkhill Tavern dominos club in Dundee raised £523 in memory of their friend Paul Gowans who sadly passed away in December last year.

Paul joined the club five years ago and made a lot of good friends. His domino team mates said the mechanic will be remembered as a great guy with even better banter and is missed by everyone who knew him.

The dominos team bought a number of items for the ward including fans, remote controls, toasters and microwaves.

Accepting the donation, senior charge nurse Stella Digba said, “On behalf of all the staff in ward 26/27, I would like to thank the team for their generous donations. We truly appreciate their kind gesture and will ensure that it will all be put to good use for our patients.”

Dominos club raise money in memory of friend
Hawkhill Tavern dominos club with staff from ward 26/27


NHS Tayside nurses go to great heights to fundraise

Three nurses from the Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit at Carseview Centre faced their fears and undertook a fundraising sky dive on 1 June to raise funds for the ward.

Charge nurses Lisa Walker and Beckie Lloyd along with staff nurse Chloe Cronin wanted to raise funds to spend on patient resources for the Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit where they all work.

Lisa said, “We did a skydive, we all survived and we managed to raise about £1500.  We have been asking staff and patients for feedback on what they would like the money to be spent on and the list so far includes a bingo machine, board games, mini DVD players and possibly tablet devices for the ward. Promoting activities and therapeutic engagement are the foundations of care in IPCU and this money goes a long way to supporting a positive care experience in our ward.’

NHS Tayside nurses go to great heights to fundraise.jpg
Left to right: Beckie Lloyd, charge nurse, Lisa Walker, charge nurse and Chloe Cronin, staff nurse after their jumps.


NHS Tayside marched at Perthshire Pride

NHS Tayside was delighted to support the Perthshire Pride Saturday 10 August and is already planning for the Dundee Pride march in September.

NHS Tayside marched at Perthshire Pride.jpg

Laura Shepherd at NHS Tayside Public Health said, “The staff of NHS Tayside were delighted to be a part of the whole event, recognising and supporting our LGBTQ+ staff and communities, their families and friends. You don’t have to be LGBTQ to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. The community welcomes everyone who believes in equal rights for all.

“NHS Tayside was well represented on the parade route and in the event village where we had an information stand.  Our Pride selfie frame was a great success and lots of pictures were taken including with Gandalf himself, Sir Ian McKellan! It was fabulous and full of fun. If you missed out in Perth, we are doing it all again in Dundee on 21 September. Please come along and join us!”

For more information on how you can get involved email

NHS Tayside marched at Perthshire Pride 2.png

Hand hygiene surveys

SIDE NHS Tayside supports SAVE LIVES Clean Your Hands Campaign 4

Following the decision to implement Diversey hand hygiene products across NHS Tayside, representatives from the company will be visiting your site over the next four to six weeks to conduct a survey of current dispensers used for soaps and gels.

The surveys, commencing in Ninewells on 6 August 2019, will allow us to establish your requirements for replacement dispensers for the Intellicare range of products.

All relevant inductions have taken place and we are seeking your co-operation in providing the necessary access.

Once the surveys are completed, further communications will be issued regarding the timetable for implementation.

If you have any queries relating to this change please don’t hesitate to contact Wendy Anderson on ext 33109.​

Information rights (and wrongs!) road shows

The Information Governance and Cyber Assurance Team want to hear from you!

We will be running a series of local road shows where you can drop by to ask us any questions that you might have about what we do and to find out how we can help support you.

Regardless of where you work or what you do it is important that you know how to keep sensitive information safe and act within the law.  We’ll let you know more about how you can do this as part of your role.

Remember – No need to book a place, just pop along!

IG Roadshows.png

Shaping Orthopaedic Services Staff Consultation Event – 8 August 2019

Around 30 staff members attended the first staff Shaping Orthopaedic Services consultation event at Ninewells Hospital in the ward 18/19 Demo room.

Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clinical Care Group Director for Orthopaedics and Surgery Sankar Sripada and programme lead Audrey Warden gave a brief presentation about the Shaping Orthopaedic Services programme and highlighted the ongoing consultation about the proposed plans.

Staff also had an opportunity to ask questions throughout the 2.5 hour session and discussions covered a number of key areas. These included questions and feedback on patient admissions, discharge into community rehabilitation, bed capacity, waiting times, patient transport, recruitment and AHP services.

The next staff sessions in Angus and Perthshire are currently being arranged and will be shared with staff across NHS Tayside as soon as possible.

For further information on Shaping Orthopaedic Services in Tayside, please visit

Tayside Health Fund – find out more

Tayside Health Fund logo new.jpgAre you planning on fundraising and looking for some good, practical advice and support so that you get the best out of your event or activity?

Tayside Health Fund is a Registered Scottish Charity (SCO 11042) which supports NHS Tayside hospitals and services across Tayside. It is supported by donations and legacies from patients, their relatives, the general public and other organisations.

There is a dedicated Tayside Health Fund page on Staffnet and on our website which are packed with useful advice so they are really worth visiting before you start planning any fundraising events or activities or want to know how to make a donation to the charity.

Remember all donations received will support our local NHS hospitals and community services in NHS Tayside. You can specify that you would like your donation to benefit a particular ward, department, service or facility within NHS Tayside or you can donate to our general fund which can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Buying extra items for patients which will make their visit or stay more comfortable.
  • Supporting major projects, such as a new unit, an extension or a facility upgrade.
  • Introducing new pioneering ways of delivering care.
  • Supporting new medical research.
  • Supporting Volunteer Services.
  • Supporting extra educational and training opportunities for staff.
  • Providing additional support to patients in the community.

If you have any questions or want to have a chat about your event please contact Gillian Moran at or Lorna Donnelly

Ninewells Gift Shop – item of the week 

SIDE Tayside Health Fund - find out more (2)
These Musicology Mugs are making us smile. Bet you can’t read them without singing in your head … or maybe even doing a wee dance!