NHS Tayside hosts visitors from Qatar healthcare team

Quatar visit

Ninewells Hospital played host to a delegation from the Hamad Medical Corporation Team in Qatar.

The visit was organised by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in conjunction with NHS Tayside’s Associate Director of Patient Safety, Clinical Governance and Risk Diane Campbell, and patient safety development manager Morag MacRae.

The visiting team was particularly interested to hear about work which focused on patient safety, patient and staff experience and volunteering.  A full agenda was arranged with individuals and teams from across NHS Tayside presenting their work.  The day finished with a visit to the Emergency Department to hear about improvements being made to patient and staff experience.

Feedback was very positive from both the Qatar team and the NHS Tayside staff who took part in the visit and it is hoped that this can be the start of a collaborative relationship where the organisations can learn from each other.

Interim Nurse Director Sarah Dickie offered her thanks and appreciation to staff members who took time out of their busy schedules to share some of the great work going on in NHS Tayside.

Shaping Orthopaedic Services staff drop-in events


Staff are invited to attend drop-in events at Perth Royal Infirmary, Stracathro and Ninewells as part of the Shaping Orthopaedic Services consultation.

Events will be taking place on:

  • Tuesday 22 October from 3-4pm in Wishbone Library, Perth Royal Infirmary
  • Tuesday 29 October from 2-3.30pm in Admin Seminar Room, Stracathro
  • Thursday 31 October from 11am-12.30pm in Ward 18/19 Demo Room, Level 5, Ninewells

Staff can attend anytime throughout the sessions to ask questions or find out more about the proposals.

Have you completed our survey? Find out more at www.transformingtayside.scot.nhs.uk and fill in the survey at www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SOSgeneral

Some of the feedback received so far includes:





Have you had your flu jab?

MAIN Get the facts about flu.jpg

The flu vaccination campaign is now under way with lots of NHS Tayside staff and volunteers already taking up the offer of a free vaccine to protect themselves, their family, their patients and their colleagues.

Staff flu vaccination clinics will run throughout October and November. Details of this week’s clinics in Dundee and Perth & Kinross, as well as community pharmacies offering the jab, are below. Angus dates and further dates in P&K will follow.

Your manager will also be made aware of opportunities for staff on the wards to get vaccinated.

Chief Officer for Acute Services Lorna Wiggin and Associate Director for Hospital Services, Ninewells Hospital Audrey Warden were among the first 200 staff who got vaccinated at Ninewells Hospital.

Lorna said, “I had my flu vaccination because it’s important for all of us working in the NHS to protect not only ourselves, but our family, friends and most importantly the patients we care for.”

03-10-19 Staff flu vaccination campaign kicks off in NHS Tayside
l-r Lorna Wiggin, vaccination programme manager Jane Forbes, student nurse Roselyn Boath and Audrey Warden at the first staff clinic at Ninewells

Members of the Medicine Division Leadership Team received their vaccinations at a staff clinic yesterday.

Associate Director for Medicine Kerry Wilson said, “It’s important for us as a team to get immunised against flu for our own protection, for the safety of our patients and our colleagues, and to help prevent the spread of infection in our hospitals.”

The Medicine Division Leadership Team – (from left) Associate Medical Director and consultant in respiratory medicine Dr Robin Smith, Associate Director Kerry Wilson, lead nurses Sean McArtney and Meg Park, finance manager Jane Moug, clinical care group manager for unscheduled medicine Julie Greenlees, clinical care group director for unscheduled medicine and consultant in emergency medicine Dr Ronald Cook and clinical care group manager for elective medicine Susan Bean

Interim Nurse Director Sarah Dickie also led by example today by getting vaccinated this morning at an occupational health clinic in Ninewells.

Sarah said, “Thank you to all staff who have already taken the time and opportunity to participate in this important vaccination programme. I wish to encourage all staff to take action now to ensure they are vaccinated early in the season, and before the flu viruses begin to circulate.

“I would recommend all healthcare workers have the flu vaccination so that you can protect yourself, your family, your colleagues and your patients from the flu. By having the flu vaccination you are taking personal and professional responsibility to contribute to maintaining a healthy clinical workforce in NHS Tayside and not taking the flu virus home to your family and loved ones.”

Sarah Dickie - 16 October
Interim Nurse Director Sarah Dickie attended a clinic at Ninewells this morning to receive her flu vaccination

For more information on flu and the flu vaccine please visit www.flufacts.scot

Flu can be a serious illness, even in fit, healthy people.  It makes people feel extremely unwell for many days and full recovery normally takes a week.  Even fit and healthy people can develop more serious consequences and can require hospitalisation.

For those in the at-risk groups, the complications of seasonal flu can be deadly.  The best way to protect yourself and vulnerable people is to get the jab – and the earlier the better.

Even if you don’t have direct contact with patients, by getting yourself vaccinated you can help to stop the spread of the virus throughout hospitals and the wider community.

Consultant in Public Health Medicine Dr Daniel Chandler said, “Healthcare workers have a higher risk of flu compared to the general public, with up to one in four likely to become infected during a mild flu season, and more than two thirds of people with flu may not have any symptoms but could still pass it on to others.

“This is why it is so important for us to vaccinate as many members of staff as possible.  We need to protect staff, patients and service users, especially those most at risk of serious complications, by reducing the spread of the virus in our hospitals and communities.”

Please visit Staffnet | Our Websites | Immunisation | Seasonal Flu including NHS Staff Vaccination for full details of clinics. Please click on the links below to view the PDF versions of the posters.

This week’s staff flu clinics

Tayside pharmacies offering vaccination to NHS staff

wc 14 October (2).png

MAIN Get the facts about flu - pharmacies.png

Changes to childhood flu vaccination programme in Tayside

MAIN Changes to childhood flu vaccination programme in Tayside

NHS Tayside is encouraging parents of pre-school children and those in ‘at risk’ groups to take up the offer of free flu vaccination for their child.

As part of the national Vaccination Transformation Programme, a three-year programme which will see responsibility for the delivery of immunisations move from GPs to NHS Boards, there will be a change to how parents in Tayside arrange for their child to be vaccinated.

From 2019 all children’s flu vaccinations will be administered by NHS Tayside’s children’s immunisation team.  This includes pre-school children aged 2-5 years, ‘at risk’ children aged six months to 18 years, primary school children, and catch-up of children who have missed flu vaccination at school.

Letters are being sent directly to parents of children aged 2-5 years and children in ‘at risk’ groups aged six months to two years and 12-18 years in ‘at risk’ groups inviting them to book an appointment with NHS Tayside’s children’s immunisation team.

Vaccination will be delivered by children’s immunisation nurses in community clinics, which may or may not be in their own GP surgeries, and GPs will no longer offer opportunistic vaccinations if the child is attending for another reason.

To arrange an appointment for their child, parents should contact the immunisation team on 01307 475240.

Children from 5-12 years will be offered their flu vaccination in school as usual and consent forms have been sent home in schoolbags.  It’s important that parents check for the immunisation information packs, complete the consent form and return it to the school.

Consultant in Public Health Medicine Dr Daniel Chandler said, “I would encourage all parents to take up the offer of free flu vaccination for their child.  The flu vaccine is quick, safe and effective. It provides the best protection available against an unpredictable virus that can cause severe illness, much worse than just a bad cold.

“Flu can be spread easily by coughs and sneezes, or by touching surfaces where it has landed and then touching your eyes, nose and mouth. The vaccine helps protect your child against flu, and reduces the chance of them spreading it to friends and other family members who may be at greater risk. Make sure you contact the immunisation team and arrange an appointment to avoid missing out.”


Sharing decisions about medicines

MAIN Sharing decisions about medicines (3)
Brian Macgillivray (third left) talked about his experience as part of the Our Voice Citizens’ Jury on Shared Decision Making

A networking event was held for patient, public and carer representatives working across Tayside to share learning and experiences of shared decision making between patients and prescribers.

Hosted by NHS Tayside in partnership with its Patient and Public Forum for Medicines (PFPM), the workshop brought together public partners and third sector representatives to discuss the importance of empowering patients to be more involved in decisions about their treatment.

Members of Inform Theatre, an off-shoot of Dundee Rep’s Illuminate Ensemble performance group for adults who have a range of support needs, performed clinical appointment scenarios to prompt discussion around good and bad practice between doctors and patients.

MAIN Sharing decisions about medicines (6)

PFPM member Fran Benison talked about her diagnosis of MS and how she took control of managing her condition without medicine. Fran noted that becoming part of the PFPM helped empower her to ask questions and make shared decisions with her consultant.

MAIN Sharing decisions about medicines (1)

GP and Associate Medical Director for Angus HSCP Dr Alison Clement also shared her experiences as a prescriber and gave examples of shared decisions around switching or stopping medicines due to side effects or lack of clinical benefit.

MAIN Sharing decisions about medicines (2)

Participants then had the opportunity to explore four different themes: the national Citizens’ Jury on shared decision making; co-produced materials to support shared decisions and empower patients; advocacy to support shared decision making; and how shared decision making can be done in Tayside.

Dr Alison Clement said, “There was a huge amount of passion and commitment from everyone attending this event to improve shared decision making around medicines.

“This is only the start of our prescribing strategy, supported through Transforming Tayside, to ensure that everyone taking medicines in Tayside has access to all the support and information they need to make the best decisions for them.”

MAIN Sharing decisions about medicines (4)

MAIN Sharing decisions about medicines (5)

Diabetic Retinal Screening team supports World Sight Day

11-10-19 Diabetic Retinal Screening team supports World Sight Day
l-r Andrew Gray, Louise Buick-Clark, Dave Mitchell, Samantha Creamer and Gary Henderson from the Diabetic Retinal Screening team

The NHS Tayside Diabetic Retinal Screening team supported World Sight Day on Thursday 10 October with an awareness stand at Ninewells Hospital.

The team used the annual awareness day to introduce their new Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

The service provides screenings to diabetic patients over the age of 12 to detect any referable diabetic eye disease which can be treated at an early stage.

Programme manager Samantha Creamer said, “Although we are a small team, we look after around 26,000 patients in Tayside. I am proud to work with such a dedicated team, who are keen to move this service forward by using social media to communicate as much as possible.

“These platforms will help us communicate with patients, including about where we are visiting in the next few months, what cancellations are available, changes to the screening service, what a test result means, news about retinal screening and just anything that would be of interest to patients, carers or relatives.”

The team has two clinic rooms, one based in the Strathmore Diabetes Centre in Ninewells Hospital and the other in Perth Royal Infirmary (PRI). In addition, the team has two vans with mobile equipment for fundus photography, which is when images are captured by a special camera and then later assessed by the grading team. The vans travel to locations across Angus and Perth & Kinross to reach patients in outlying areas.

Slit lamp clinics, which is an instant assessment of the patient using slit lamp equipment and special magnifying lenses, are held in Ninewells, PRI, Stracathro, Arbroath, Montrose and Whitehills Community Care Centre in Forfar.

You can find the team on social media:

  • Twitter: @diabeticeyescreeningnhstayside
  • Facebook: NHS Tayside Diabetic Eye Screening Tayside
  • Instagram: @diabeticeyescreeningnhstayside


New drug driving limits and testing

SIDE New drug driving limits and testing

Drug driving limits and roadside testing are to be introduced in Scotland on Monday 21 October 2019.

This will include a zero tolerance approach to eight drugs most associated with illegal use and also a list of other drugs associated with medical use which will have limits based on impairment and risk to road safety.

Any person taking medication in line with the prescription they have can claim the medical defence to the new offence. However, they can still be prosecuted under the existing impairment offence. If the prescription indicates that they should not drive while taking the medication then they are unable to claim the medical defence.

Click here for further information.